Overcoming Obstacles: 2 Things Sellers Need to Know 🏡

Overcoming Obstacles: 2 Things Sellers Need to Know 🏡

Sellers: don't let two common concerns hold you back. It's a refrain we hear often - the fear of being tied down by higher mortgage rates and the worry about finding a new property amid a low supply market. Let's delve into these challenges and equip you with strategies to conquer them.

Challenge #1: Navigating Higher Mortgage Rates

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) reports that the average interest rate for current homeowners with mortgages is less than 4% (as depicted in the graph below):

However, today's typical 30-year fixed mortgage rate for buyers hovers closer to 7%. This discrepancy prompts many homeowners to hesitate moving due to increased borrowing costs, termed the mortgage rate lock-in effect.

🔑 The Solution: Seize the Opportunity

While experts foresee gradual mortgage rate declines in the face of cooling inflation, waiting might not be your best move. Mortgage rates are unpredictable. Concurrently, home prices are resurging. Acting now positions you to preempt higher home prices during your next purchase. Moreover, should rates indeed drop, you can explore refinancing options down the road.

Challenge #2: Fearing a Limited Selection

Given the wariness around elevated rates, fewer homes are hitting the market, thereby constraining inventory. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors (NAR), underscores:

While this scarcity showcases your property to eager buyers, it might also deter you from selling, fearing a shortage in available homes to purchase.

🔑 The Solution: Expand Your Horizons

If the concern of not finding your next home is holding you back, broaden your perspective. Evaluate all housing types, including condos, townhouses, and newly constructed residences. Don't shy away from exploring areas you hadn't previously considered, especially if remote or hybrid work options are viable. By expanding your search radius, you might uncover more affordable options.

In Conclusion

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