Fast-Moving Real Estate Market

Fast-Moving Real Estate Market

Considering putting your South Florida home on the market? There's encouraging news for potential sellers. While the real estate market may have cooled slightly from its peak frenzy, properties are still changing hands at a brisk pace.

An analysis of median days on the market, utilizing data from, paints a vivid picture of the current selling landscape. This metric tracks the time from listing to closing or withdrawal, offering insight into the speed of sales. The latest figures, particularly for January from 2017 through to the most recent data, highlight a market that's moving quicker than traditional norms.

The freshest statistics, marked in green on the graph, underscore that homes are finding buyers faster than in typical years (illustrated in blue), only surpassed by the exceptionally quick 'unicorn' years marked in pink. As per's findings, homes now spend an average of 69 days on the market, shaving three days off the previous year and significantly less than pre-pandemic times.

What This Means for You

The current trend indicates homes are selling more rapidly than usual for this season. Your property could also be part of this swift-moving market. This uptick in pace is partly due to lower mortgage rates enticing more buyers, amid a backdrop of limited housing inventory. According to Mike Simonsen, the Founder of Altos Research, "2024 is shaping up stronger than the previous year, with demand climbing steadily each week."

Closing Thoughts

If you're pondering whether now is the right moment to sell, the data leans towards yes. With a market demonstrating greater vigor than typical for early in the year, it's a promising time for sellers. For the latest insights and trends in our local South Florida real estate market, including Miami Beach, Brickell, and Coral Gables, among others, don't hesitate to connect. Let's navigate this dynamic market together.

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