Miami's Best Coffee Shop: Magdalena Coffee Shop Edgewater |

Miami's Best Coffee Shop: Magdalena Coffee Shop Edgewater |

Discover Magdalena: Edgewater's Tropical Coffee Retreat

Tucked away on a peaceful side street just off Biscayne, Magdalena offers a unique taste of Latin America's rich coffee culture amidst the urban tapestry of Miami's Edgewater neighborhood. This coffee haven welcomes you to a world where each sip is a testament to quality and ethical sourcing, directly from family-owned farms that honor the centuries-old traditions of coffee cultivation.

At Magdalena, every hand-poured cup carries the essence of sustainability, showcasing the finest Latin American beans that are as rich in flavor as they are in heritage. The space itself is a tranquil enclave, perfect for those looking to indulge in a work session enveloped by the scent of premium coffee and surrounded by lush, tropical houseplants.

Dive into a delectable selection of pastries from the renowned Caracas Bakery. You’ll want to get there bright and early to secure your favorite treat—maybe it’s a buttery croissant, a sweet Danish, or the much-loved cachito.

Become a part of a cherished weekly tradition with them. Join them every Friday for an adorable gesture—Free Flower Friday—where customers are graced with beautiful blooms to accompany their coffee. It’s these thoughtful touches that elevate Magdalena from a mere coffee spot to a focal point of community warmth and shared stories.

Whether Edgewater is your home, or you’re just passing through, Magdalena is your tropical escape—a place to relish in expertly crafted coffee, to engross yourself in moments of serenity, and to connect with the local pulse. Settle in, and let them make your coffee experience unforgettable.

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