The Advantages of Selling Now, According to Industry Experts

The Advantages of Selling Now, According to Industry Experts

Are you contemplating whether it's the right time to sell your house? Let's explore the reasons why now may be an opportune moment to make that decision. The current housing market, characterized by a limited number of available homes, offers significant advantages to sellers. The high demand from prospective buyers, coupled with a scarcity of housing options, positions sellers to attract maximum attention to their property.

Experts in the industry have shared their insights on the benefits of selling at this time:

Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors (NAR), points out, "Inventory levels are still at historic lows. Consequently, multiple offers are returning on a good number of properties." This indicates that sellers have the potential to receive multiple offers, driving up competition and potentially leading to more favorable outcomes.

Selma Hepp, Chief Economist at CoreLogic, explains, "We have not seen the traditional uptick in new listings from existing homeowners, so undersupply of housing will continue to heighten market competition and put pressure on prices in most regions. Some markets are already heating up considerably, but price premiums that we saw last spring and summer are unlikely." This highlights the scarcity of housing options and the resulting upward pressure on prices, making it an advantageous time for sellers.

Clare Trapasso, Executive News Editor at, emphasizes, "Well-priced, move-in ready homes with curb appeal in desirable areas are still receiving multiple offers and selling for over the asking price in many parts of the country..." This suggests that attractive and properly priced properties are in high demand, presenting an opportunity for sellers to secure favorable offers.

Jeff Tucker, Senior Economist at Zillow, affirms, "...sellers who price and market their home competitively shouldn't have a problem finding a buyer." This underscores the importance of accurate pricing and effective marketing strategies, ensuring that sellers can attract interested buyers in the current market conditions.

In summary, if you're considering selling your house, it is crucial to seek guidance from a team of experts who can provide valuable insights and support throughout the process. Anthony Spitaleri and his team are here to assist you, leveraging their expertise and market knowledge to help you make informed decisions. Gain the necessary expertise to navigate the current real estate landscape successfully and achieve optimal results when selling your house. Reach out to us today to ensure you have expert guidance for making the most advantageous move in today's market.

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